21st Jun2009

choo ya gonna CALL!?

by jerad.formby

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oh yes brothers and sisters it is like thator if you do not wanna a quiz here goes memory lanethis is secretly a movie mix tapeno indiana jones oh hell nooh indy cover your heartam i still missing itlets do a poll on which of the Hey Star Trek characters you like to see mostand in conclusion we do what they call in drama the inhaleinevitable biography



Baby steps with Star Trek: Voyager
Hell you say? Film language of Gran Torino!?
A Brief History of Fan Work and Tim Russ’ Of Gods and Men
What the hell do you mean Episode III’s the best one!?
Baby Steps With Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Baby Steps With Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation
Hey Star Trek! Saw Terminator: Salvation
Meditating on J.J. Abrams’ Lens Flares
Can you tell me more about Trekcast?
Hey! You hated Abrams Trek? Color me unsurprised.
What you show somebody who doesn’t know Star Trek at all
Nerd-Nut-Nods in New Star Trek Movie
Why you don’t need IMAX Star Trek
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The real reason New Star Wars movies suck
Star Trek continuity whores need to give it a rest
The new Doctor Who . . . or lack thereof!
Why the new Star Trek movie is gonna be cool
Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse
How the Borg went from badass to blowing chunks
Some Star Trek characters get no love
Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica
Why Watchmen’s So Bad
Star Trek Optimism
Ugly Romulans and Vulcans


  • http://www.twitter.comSmittmaestro Smitty™

    A. Hollywood Shuffle
    B. Blue Velvet
    C. Real Men
    D. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    E. Time Bandits
    F. The Untouchables
    G. The Gods Must Be Crazy
    H. Throw Mama From The Train
    I. Howard The Duck
    J. Brazil

    Terry Gilliam fan? ;):D

    Here is where I get hazy…

    K. No idea but I do know that is Rosanna Arquette allowing a peek at her goodies!
    L. The Blues Brothers (Why Blues Brothers 2000, Dan Ackroyd? Why?)
    M. Darnit no idea!
    N. Witness
    O. After Hours, I believe I see Griffin Dunne there
    P. Tucker A Man and His Dream
    Q. Do The Right Thing
    R. I got nothing…
    S. I’m drawing a blank…


  • jerad.formby


    Daggnabbit! 🙂 You posted half my answers 🙂 Alright so now people can look off of cs’ sheet if you need help. He is mostly right. I’m not confirming guesses on O 🙂

    Yeah I’m a Terry Gilliam fan.

    If this is a real scratcher, I’ll reveal the answers in a future post! 🙂

  • http://www.twitter.comSmittmaestro Smitty™

    Oh crap man I’m sorry…

    I thought it was a game.

    Should it get the delete?


  • http://www.twitter.comSmittmaestro Smitty™

    For the record I did not no sir Google it!


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