12th Jul2009

Hey Star Trek! getchoo name CHANGED!?

by jerad.formby

the brand new old syfy channel

On July 2, 2009 the Sci-Fi channel changed its name to be spelled SyFy.

To launch their new logo and spelling, the channel introduced its new show Warehouse 13, which is to be synonymous with the new brand and its goals for new audiences.

When the change was first announced, fans of the channel and fans of the science fiction genre started to shake the fence and cry foul that their network of choice was changing from a name of total significance to some new name that “looked silly” and “was a dumb move.”

just in case you're not listening to the trekcast even though you should this announcement is made on this controversial topic

It might as well have been fans of Captain Kirk being told that something called “The Next Generation” was forth-coming or Data fans being told “Deep Space Nine” was going to be the same but different or fans salivating for a single image of a new show called “Enterprise” only to be disappointed that ship looked “newer” then the TOS original.

Man we Sci-fi fans get worked up about a lot of stuff.

honestly show me the one thing in warehouse 13 that felt fresh and original other than the exterior of the damn warehouse

If you missed Warehouse 13, don’t worry. You didn’t miss much. What was shown was a very clear visit to the fridge that keeps most Genre work cool all day.

It’s exactly the sort of thing that might be developed by a group of people sitting around going “well people like X-files.”

“Well, people like Indiana Jones.”

“Hmm . . . what else do people like?”

“I dunno, sex?”

“Yeah! But not sex right away. Oh! What if it’s a guy and a girl agent, right? And they aren’t going to get together, but the audience wants them to!”

“Right! But . . . how do we make the audience want that?”

“Dude! Are you drunk? It’s a guy and a girl, that’s all you need!”

Succinctly, the picture in their minds must have looked like this (absent commentary):

i am aware that my opnion is of the minority and frankly it scares the hell out of me

I’m not here to bash Warehouse 13. It’s received supportive opinions from a lot of the sci-fi community (third highest rated Sci-Fi original ever). Good job, Sci-fy. Did I get it right?

Syfy. To imply more than science-fiction. Fantasy. Horror. Whatever. Wrestling.

What I am here to do is ask why Warehouse 13 happened the way it happened. The show doesn’t come across nearly as well as it should. Not with all of the talent involved and I’m not talking about the actors.

To get to the bottom of this mystery, I’ll have to enlist the aid of UPN’s (CW’s) greatest crime-investigator.

sometimes you just have to stick up for that one time she had the most rocking bangs on television for only one episode

There are two names on the “created by” credits. One of them would get Hey Star Trek! to throw his underwear and the other is some dude Hey Star Trek!’s never heard of.
at least that what it says now that it is out

Jane Espenson is a television writer whose name first came to my attention during Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She wrote a number of the show’s more powerful episodes (power meaning funny and dramatic). Behind Joss Whedon, I would offer up her name as the one that made me lean forward on a Tuesday night.

she wrote the one where buffy meets up with warren's robot amy and that moment between them on the swing holy cow awesome

the batman eureka strangers with candy battlestar galactica firefly and oh she got her start on deep space nine

So I hope you can read Hey Star Trek!’s crazy confusion when the scenes of Warehouse 13 were underwhelming. There was even a most magnificent example of dialog where the male character imparts some of his backstory: “My dad died saving a couple kids from a fire.”

Without a doubt the most on-the-nose piece of backstory I have heard this year. I get that the dialog might not have to be serious. I get that this show just might be considered a comedy first and a drama later. But if the drama makes you laugh, chances are the comedy is doing something wrong.

Because of Jane Espenson’s name, I wanted to like Warehouse 13. I was excited to see her very first creation. So I can’t help but wonder what went wrong on the way? This wonderful woman has done much to shape my point of view of good-work versus bad-work and she brought the ugliest work to the dance. I just don’t understand.

Maybe its her co-creator’s fault. Maybe it’s this other guy I’ve never heard of. Veronica brought me back what she could find.

hey star trek is not quite veronica mars p.i. but an imdb search yields an interesting result

this doesn't say he is unaccomplished it just begs the question what what what what happened on atomic train exactly

late to the party but will admit true love for veronica mars

There isn’t much on this guy’s IMDB page to make me look twice (of course he has a heck of a lot more than I do) and the Atomic Train credit just confuses the wally-wick outta me.

I like to think this is a big “foot in the door” opportunity. That this fellow is on his way to being the next Joss Whedon or the next lord and savior Ronald D. Moore (who, by the way, also gets Jane Espenson).

we all know who hey star trek thinks of when religiosity and beards go together

Alas, however, with a story formula that appears to be “Mulder and Scully rip offs go find something” for the A story and “bumbling most-toys guy has a cheesy adventure back at the warehouse” so very intact, I won’t be holding my breath.

There is a scene in the show where the guy who tried to collect Data back on TNG (a series regular, who I liked seeing) speaks to the agents at breakfast. He says about two characters we’ll never meet: “Their clocks stopped.”

The agents prod for more information.

The character shrugs it off with hurried exposition that I know was played only for comedy, “ask them in 100 years.”

I have no idea what that means and I’m pretty sure the writers don’t either.

I had high hopes for Espenson’s first creation, I really did. I spent most of the time after it finished lamenting the problems and calling my friends for consolation. I swore I’d be over it by the time I sat down to write Hey Star Trek! and found it’s my only topic for a sci-fi weekend.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to begin with. Secret warehouse. Artifacts. People drafted to protect it? Sounds familiar yet different enough, right? There’s gotta be something more to it. I wonder what it could be.

Or was it already covered? I wonder?

Hey, Veronica, what I don’t get . . . wasn’t there a third man?

hey star trek dies happy when third man reference and image have been used

according to this news article Veronica dug up

between making out with duncan or logan veronica hasn't forgotten what the job is

oh that snoopy Veronica when will she learn to stop sticking her nose where it doesn't belong

Ms. Mars was unable to locate any information on why the creator of Farscape (the first name mentioned in Sci-fi’s original article) is no longer apart of the show. Information she uncovered on Wikipedia suggests that the dude who developed Blade: The Series replaced him.

Veronica isn’t one to speculate or see conspiracy where there isn’t any, but even she had to take a moments pause and point out the fact that there is nothing on the Internet to explain O’Bannon’s seemingly hasty departure.

thanks veronica!

Was O’Bannon the missing piece? Did he inject the show with a much needed grounded approach? Did he attempt to re-write that awful line of dialog about that dude’s dad dying in a fire? Was he punished? Was he chased off the lot?

What does it mean when Tim Minear (another Buffy/Firefly alumni) has been drafted to remake Alien Nation for Sy-fi (did I get it right?) when their relationship with O’Bannon seemed so close only a handful of months ago? It looks a little like a bridge might have been burned or destroyed or stored in a secret warehouse in the middle of South Dakota.

I don’t know who signed his last check. It could have been the Sci-Fi Channel, or it might have been something called SyFy. Which ever it was, it’s really one and the same. I think the new spelling is hip and fun. I’m not being sarcastic. I like it. I like that it implies something more than Science-Fiction (which I know is part of the point of the change).

I want them to embrace other genres (well, not pro-wrestling).

I really wish they hadn’t chosen Warehouse 13 to define them. That only says they’re here to be safe, easy, and familiar. When I think of genre, not a single one of those words crosses my mind.

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  • Sutekh

    What about the purple goo?!? Is Syfy the Purple Goo Channel???

  • Sutekh

    And if Ronald D. Moore is the savior, does that mean Joss Whedon is John the Baptist, the savior’s herald who will meet a grisly demise? And furthermore, wouldn’t that mean Terry Nation is God? Who, then, is the Holy Ghost? What about it, Hey Star Trek?

  • http://apizzagirl.blogspot.com PizzaGirl

    Syfy should pick up Virtuality. Just saying.

  • Justrob1978

    Rockne S. also had something to do with Sea Quest. That was on the Sci-fi Channel. Maybe they’ll put it on the Styr-fry channel.

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