18th Oct2009

Hey Star Trek! dijoo get OUTFOXED!?

by jerad.formby

lets talk some firefly and what the hells wrong over at FOX
the rickety tower where FOX programming decisions are made
Meanwhile, back at the lab, the FOX studio executives are back and their making those same, strange decisions that alienate fans of their shows.

I’ve written about the channel before and championed them as the only network that at least tries something new and something different. We’ve waxed nostalgia over the shows we know and love and how those shows just might not have existed if not for FOX.

With the fall season now kicked into high gear, we at Hey Star Trek! like so many others tremble in fear while the pillars that support our weekly television habits shake.

i know you want to believe FOX too
Firefly aired in 2002 and it marks the only time that we participated in a letter-writing campaign. We printed and mailed off postcards. The postcards were littered with amazing words from the show and notated with thank you notes for every sponsor from Wendy’s and others who bought ad time.

It was a monstrous effort and I haven’t seen one like it sense, maybe a gentle reader or two would like to share a story of one that was so involved. Despite our protests and our quickly-organized effort, Firefly was yanked after airing just 13 of its 15 episodes.

Without hope!

okay maybe some firefly fans are jealous well we damn well should be

This floored all of fans. The quality of the program and the imagination that went into shaping it seemed obvious to all at a glance. FOX network opted to show the episodes out of order and would regularly replace its broadcasts with the much more profitable Baseball –not a show, word has it that’s a sport!

I don’t understand who or what computer program makes their decisions.

Plans have just been announced by FOX that they have commissioned a script for a western with “sci-fi” themes. Pretty funny when you consider they had one already and even if they didn’t know what they had –all of our space-ship-based-television has felt its impact.

Yeah, we’re looking at you, Stargate Universe!

stargate universe steals from the best so we will likely watch

Even if FOX doesn’t understand the shows Joss Whedon makes, they do acknowledge that he makes them money. Of course the way he makes money isn’t what they’re used to. He brings them money in box-set revenue. His first season of Dollhouse was very profitable at the DVD store –so profitable that FOX has been comfortable with starting up a second season.

It’s very likely that this season will be its last, although to their credit, FOX has announced that all of the short season will be aired.

But those crazy Fox folks went did another head-scatcher.

Awful Awful Awful FOX schedule for FRINGE

Fringe was a very successful show for them last year. In fact, it was so successful that FOX thought it could take out CSI. Sort of like having the bike on the block and then trying to race a train with it.

Let me catch you up on what I think is the greatest show on television right now. I was forced to catch up on this show with DVDs, so we missed the first season. Our viewership had no impact on its success last year.

The show is about a mad scientist and an FBI task force assigned to the very strange “fringe” science that happens all around New England. This scientist had to be signed out of a mental institution in order to help the fringe team. In order to sign this guy out, the team’s leader had to locate the scientist’s only living relative —the Mad Scientist’s Son! (Already copyrighted that title for my own nefarious purpose).

The son acts as little more than a glorified babysitter, but has amazing contributions to make for the team. His past so is varied and strange that he inevitably “knows a guy” or can reach conclusions at nearly the speed of his father. The dynamic he shares with his father is amongst the greatest television relationships we’ve ever seen.

the bishops from FRINGE are as awesome as what has come before

Those characters are Dr. Walter Bishop and his son Peter Bishop, respectively.

That leaves another character, perhaps a Scully to a Mulder if you like. She does more than act the voice of reason, she is a key component to the science and we experience our sense of wonder through her. She carries the questions of the audience, but she also carries the beat that backside component of the show.

She is a fiercely put together woman. She isn’t there for inevitable sex appeal. She isn’t in place for the day that Peter decides to kiss her –if anything, she’ll decide to kiss him.

anna torv can save the day even her own show

And did we mention Anna Torv’s Australian!?

So Fringe is in danger now because it doesn’t perform like FOX thinks it should. I’m actually ready to throw my postcards in the mail if the cancellation talk starts. If the firing pistol sounds, I’ll be sure to let you know.

In case you haven’t watched Fringe, here’s a reason why you should.

i tease the x-files really -like it teased me

fringe on a star trek blog at a star trek podcast called trekcast

the new end credits twitter button

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  • http://twitter.com/bookworm2007 Caitlin

    I love Fringe as much as you do Jared. I hope they don’t cancel it!

    My one complaint with it is that because it’s shot in Brooklyn, it makes the Boston/NY trip seem like nothing! It’s supposed to take 4 hours, on a good day. But it’s never a good day 🙁

    In an ironic twist of fate, I’m always watching it on Hulu because I’m busy indulging myself with Grey’s Anatomy… (I don’t watch it for the medicine I watch it for the drama)

  • Sutekh

    At least they have given Joss fair warning to bring closure to his show in case (I mean, when) it doesn’t get renewed. One aspect of Fox insanity you failed to mention is the anal fisting they gave The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Regardless of what you thought of the show’s quality (I thought it was just ok), it was one of Fox’s biggest hits until they moved it to the Friday night graveyard, where, in spite of losing nearly 2/3’s of its audience, it had a relatively high audience share in that abominable timeslot. The retards-on-cocaine who handle Fox’s programming decisions gave the show’s producers no indication that they were unhappy with it’s performance and allowed them to end the season on a cliffhanger. Fans were prepared to sit on the edges of their seats until fall when….eh…uh…fuck you. No dice. Now they bring back Dollhouse without a viable lead-in, and it loses about a half million from its already abysmally small numbers from the season before. The fact is, a team up of SCC and Dollhouse would probably be putting up competitive numbers on a night where all of the networks are now struggling. I didn’t care much for SCC but now I wish I had done more to support it. If those two shows together were here putting up the same numbers they did last season Fox would be taking a significant bite out of the other networks shares and they know it, but since they already fucked it up it’s too late. Everything good that network touches turns to SHIT.

  • http://dharmadesigns.etsy.com Wendy Baylis

    I LOVED Firefly – and Fringe. It seems like every show I fall in love with gets yanked.

  • David Kleparek

    Does FOX want Fringe to fail? Putting it up against some pretty monumental shows (NCIS, The Office and Grey’s Anatomy) is pretty much a death sentance. I watched the show all of last year and I catch every new episode. This and House are my favorite shows. I can always watch The Office on Hulu, but I’ve got to catch Fringe while it airs in all its HD glory.

  • http://ithinkNCISismuchbetterthanCSIbecausetheysolvemuchhardercases.'' Kian Gray

    i think NCIS is much better than CSI because they solve much harder cases.,’-

  • http://www.chairpadscushion.com Sofia Baker

    NCIS is much better than CSI in my own opinion, it has more drama and twists on the story:~,

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    actually i watch NCIS more often than CSI, NCIS offers more drama and have great characters compared to CSI.,,

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    i love to watch NCIS, the story is great and i love the special effects too ***

  • http://www.trekcast.com/?p=4191?& Brock

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