11th Oct2009

Hey Star Trek! gotchoo BACK ISSUES!?

by jerad.formby

Hey Star Trek! lives only to serve. The opinions expressed in the blog are meant to be entertaining, editorial, and informative.

The mission has expanded over time to include other topics besides Star Trek.

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Star Trek Into Darkness here’s our nutty hate fest…
Shaking Voyager chains, and have you seen Farscape!?
Revealed! What went wrong with Enterprise: You!
Robert Beltran vs. Chakotay vs. Religion vs. Star Trek philosophy
The Evil Star Trek Convention Show Runner.
We discover the cheat code for getting ahead in Starfleet!
Did Hey Star Trek! discover Gene Roddenberry’s… uhm fetish!?
Our warm fuzzies for Star Trek: Online.
Trekkie Vs. Trekker… who will win!?
Alternate Realities Are So Adorable UNTIL THEY’RE MOVIES!!!
The Next Generation’s rocking first season!
On the count of three, let’s all stop asking for a new show! One . . . Two . . .
Yeah. Don’t like First Contact.*gulp*
Stardates and quadrants.
Star Trek just might be too futuristic to have an army.
A whole website devoted to hating Abrams trek!? Surely you jest!
Let’s go to the holodeck!
Baby steps with Star Trek: Voyager
Baby Steps With Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Baby Steps With Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation
Meditating on J.J. Abrams’ Lens Flares
Hey! You hated Abrams Trek? Color me unsurprised.
What you show somebody who doesn’t know Star Trek at all
Nerd-Nut-Nods in New Star Trek Movie
Why you don’t need IMAX Star Trek
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek continuity whores need to give it a rest
Why the new Star Trek movie is gonna be cool
How the Borg went from badass to blowing chunks
Some Star Trek characters get no love
Star Trek Optimism
Ugly Romulans and Vulcans


First ever Star Trek: Online fictional story!?
Chris Pine’s Kirk and a New Five Year Mission.
Seeking out strange new potential in Abrams’ universe.


The curious case of Super 8.
We wish Eric Bana could go back to playing the Hulk!
Oh, Avatar, we wish we could love you more… really we do.
Why do we feel like we’re over Tarantino?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the best one.
Hell you say? Film language of Gran Torino!?
Don’t like a nuked fridge? You call him, Dr. Jones, DOLL!
What the hell do you mean Episode III’s the best one!?
Hey Star Trek! Saw Terminator: Salvation
The real reason New Star Wars movies suck
Why Watchmen’s So Bad


Caprica is gone. So is Stargate Universe. Maybe we need a change of leaf.
Remember when The Event got cancelled!? And we wrote this weeks before!?
Lost is over. *snivel*
Ever failed to sell your friends on your favorite show!?
Hey, Tenth Doctor, can you please kindly die already!?
Hey BSG fan! Please start watching Caprica… it just might be better!
Dollhouse is over. *Yawn*
Is South Park run by Star Trek fans!?
A V Re-Boot!? OH NO YOU DIN’T!
Fringe is under the knife!?
FlashForward: Best set up for worst show ever!?
Girls. Twilight. Let’s talk about Buffy Summers.
Syfy is a cool idea. Warehouse 13 isn’t.
FOX network, I feel the good in you, the conflict!
The new Doctor Who . . . or lack thereof!
Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse
Ronald D. Moore’s Battlestar Galactica


What the heck was Star Trek: The Experience!?
A little more information about your Hey Star Trek! blogger
Can you tell me more about Trekcast?

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