15th Nov2009

Hey Star Trek! jid we get a V-BOOT!?i

by jerad.formby

so there's a new V seriesMeanwhile back at the lab, ABC has given us a new ‘V’ series to watch. We at the Hey Star Trek! offices have seen the pilot twice and watched the second episode. With two episodes of the new ‘V’ stomached, we realized we were hungry for two episodes of the original ‘V’ mini-series.

The one written and directed by a man called Kenneth Johnson.

reimaginings always come with wrongful spins that smack of crap

Even though his name appears on this new ‘V’, we have been unable to acquire one shred of evidence that he had anything to do with the beast. We hope that he just counts money and that is the limit of his involvement –because this new thing isn’t the bulletproof sweetness of the original mini-series, it’s a plain tasting vanilla that’s unworthy of its title.

We’re not saying that the new ‘V’ is terrible. It’s sort of hard to not want to watch Morena Baccarin do anything. We are pleased to see Alan Tudyk and holy crap, we should have been watching Smallville because WHAT!?

laura vanderhoot where you been all my life

We just don’t know what the heck they’re doing. It looks a lot like ‘V’ but it’s as if the edict came down from ABC and WARNER BROTHERS that the new show could do anything it wanted as long as it wasn’t any fun.

scott peters runs the new V at least he did

A lot of the fun in the original ‘V’ was found in the slow reveal that the aliens weren’t who they seemed to be. We experienced this reveal through the eyes of main characters and experienced their own mounting suspicion. Johnson’s characters take it upon themselves to discover the truth about our new “friends” and their choices lead to dangerous places.

We certainly get in the reboot’s pilot that the aliens aren’t being forthcoming with us, but it seems they did it as quickly as possible –forsaking any adventure or drama that could have been involved. Perhaps they assume most of us know they’re lizard people from space and so they don’t feel the need to treat the matter with anything more than a splash of lukewarm water.

just saying that a reboot doesn't have to be from yawn town

So this is a big show that will tell us things and not shock us. Unfortunate, we thinks. We shouldn’t be all that surprised though, because the show runners tipped their hand when they showed us those freaky title cards at the beginning. They ask us questions to our faces and hope to high heaven that the questions cause us to see their show in the same light as certain world changing events.

new V asks the hard hitting questions

The second question of course pitches the framework for how to view this new ‘V’. This ain’t your daddy’s ‘V’ they’re saying, this is a vibrant, topical, hardcore ‘V’ that can only exist in our current post-911 world.

Shhh. Guess what? The Visitors are already among us and they can be anyone! Sounds a little bit like another sci-fi reboot that can be called anything but safe.

battlestar galactica touted an edge all the frakkin time

Fans of this new ‘V’ are undoubtedly trying to guess who the Visitors amongst us are. Hey Star Trek! votes older priest guy and the hottie in the glasses that works at the TV station –since they’re the only ones who’ve had any dialog and aren’t main characters. Doesn’t it taste like a stale cracker to you?

The creators marvel at their new, supposedly razor-edged approach. This is a ‘V’ where ‘who can you trust’ is possibly our biggest question.

What’s funny to us is this ‘new spin’ on trust already existed in the original. In fact it was a heck of a lot scarier because it featured humans not trusting each other because of an indiscernible loyalty to the ships above. The humans informed on each other back in 1983 and didn’t need Visitors masquerading amongst us to instill the fear.

We live in a climate of terrorism, which is another concern that this ‘V’ wants to address.
Hard for us to see how they plan to handle the terrorism question when you consider the title card that opened Kenneth Johnson’s version.

kenneth johnson's title card for v the mini series

That’s right, gentle readers, ‘V’ is about people forced to become freedom fighters and its main characters are forced into the role of terrorists. Is this a story we can expect to see in this new ‘V’? Or will all this show have in common with its source material be simple lizard aliens and giant ships?

Does responsible storytelling in our current age curtail the ability to tell ‘V’ appropriately? It seems to be one thing if Cylons suicide bomb, but quite another if the new characters of ‘V’ are put into those roles.

They talked about forming a ‘resistance’ in their first episode but if the most daring thing their pilot did was mention 9-11 in its opening, we won’t be holding our breath. Everything else was paint by numbers. Nosy reporter, FBI single mom, and priest guy are the main characters.

Another odd thing. How do you run ‘V’ without a scientist character? Where’s the frickin’ med student who shall go from uncertainty to being the bad ass leader of the resistance?

I mean, it’s plain to see that the Battlestar Galactica ‘re-imagining’ had frakkin Viper pilots, cause it ain’t Battlestar without ’em!

v had an amazing hero before why must the reboot ignore her

Right. It’s new ‘V’ where, I guess, we’ll discover that science isn’t something the aliens fear.

Instead they will fear a list of wackos who called the FBI for decades before the pilot happened. Yes sir, ladies and germs, the new resistance will be formed by cold calling every idiot who ever logged a UFO sighting with the FBI –and not by scientists living in a modern day underground.

uhm is there really no plan here

Maybe the banter on the internet is right. Maybe it’s too early to tell if these initial gripes we have are too heavy handed and it’s up to us to give this thing a chance. Maybe we will. Perhaps it will help with insomnia.

Oh. And did you hear about the controversy? Apparently because the character Anne mentioned that her people want to give us Universal Healthcare, new ‘V’ can be read now as anti-Obama. Guess that little insight started in something called the ‘blogosphere’.

This observation is a load of garbage.

Remember the scene earlier when homie explained the Vees to Juliet from Lost? When he ruined the show? Well, he also told us something else. He said that the Vees have been here for a long time manipulating our world events. Unnecessary wars. Sounds like that’s a criticism for the earlier administration.

We’re not getting political, we’re just arguing that the real controversy of the show should be that ‘V’ lets us off the hook for all of our world problems. We don’t kill each other, Vees do. We don’t start wars, Vees do. Guess why people are starving in other countries? Vees.

Who knew?

Here we thought sci-fi was about human responsibility. Maybe we’ve been watching the wrong genre.

lisa vanderhoot seems to be what to watch

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1983 always has something to suggest

  • Apizzagirl

    Well said and I concur. As someone who never saw (or even heard of) the original, I’m a putoff by the reboot revealing all of the secrets in the pilot.

  • DanStro

    I have to agree. I have to think that the producers assumed that the people watching this so they already know the vee’s are lizards so my guess is that they just thought “we might as well get that out of the way and move on”. The problem I have is that they seem to be rushing through everything. One of the main things that made the original so great was the build up of suspense and the mystery of what they are and what their motives are. That was pretty much covered in the first hour of this one. Way too fast.

    But out of respect of the original (and maybe a little is due to Morena and Laura… just a ‘little 😉 ) I’ll keep watching.

  • http://twitter.com/JamesT_Kirk James T. Kirk

    The execs seem to think that throwing in a couple of sexy chicks will help sell the show. Like I always say- Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. “Yes” is the answer. *grin*

  • J

    I agree I sat through two episodes where nothing really good happened. The fact that they are making everything so obvious makes me not want to watch it. Since they are only showing 4 episodes right now, I may check out the other two to see if anything interesting happens, but so far Lisa and Anna are the only real reasons I check it out.

  • smxp

    I agree with the viewpoints, however, why prolong the reveal? Who doesn’t already know what the V’s really are? The driving plot of the story may not be effective as a slow reveal.

  • Steve

    While I agree that the reveal may have been too fast for newbies, as someone who watched the original, it would have been a bit tedious to wait for it. I’m continuing to watch because of the V traitors and Alan Tudyk. I’m also really appreciating that they are alowwing Morena Baccarin to look a little reptilian in certain shots and yet there’s no denying the woman is gorgeous. And, of course, being a long-time “Smallville” watcher (talk about brand loyalty; don’t get me started), I’ve been aware of the awe and mystery that is Ms. Vandervoort for some time. Woof.

  • http://vamongus.com/ James Vamongus

    Ok so some good points, come see our side of the story though at:

    PS We welcome ALL Trek fans!

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