21st Feb2010

Hey Star Trek! whatcher NEW COURSE!?

by jerad.formby

Right now, our favorite Star Trek movie rumor is that the script will start being built in April. The writers involved are the people who worked out the script for the last one and there will be a third name on the roster: Damon Lindelof.

Damon Lindelof had nothing going on until he helped J.J. Abrams create a television show called Lost.

With Abrams being as busy as he is, Lindelof has pretty much been whipping that horse for the last five seasons with the help of the shows’ very fantastic writers.

Since Lost is one of our favorite shows ever, the knowledge that Lindelof will have a hand in the further adventures of Captain Kirk gets us all excited.

We can’t help but wonder what might emerge in the new script. We think about how the new film will be titled. We muse about how the next film will be produced.

With a redux, boot, whatever whatever, Orci and Kurtzman were very candid about their desire to call the film simply Star Trek. They didn’t want any Roman numerals and they didn’t want any colons after the words.

Now that the next chapter is being conceived, we predict that this tradition of no-numbers and no-colons will have to continue. This means that the next movie just might be a jumble of cool words –like the James Bond franchise.

We predict that nobody will need to see the words Star and Trek on the poster, because they’ll know what’s up when they see Zachary Quinto’s image.

It makes total sense when we reflect on how awesome a lot of those Original Series titles were.

A hot internet rumor right now is that Khan could be the next villain. Trekkies far and wide are crying foul at this choice, but we think we should leave that well enough alone.

It seems to us that the biggest criticism of this idea is that they fear a “rehash.” Maybe there’s this idea out there that only so many movie stories can and will be told, so why “waste” one on a villain we already know?

There’s lots of reasons that such a movie would not be a waste. Especially for us Trekkies. We know what happened in Space Seed, so we can now find out how much different that story would play in an alternate reality. Heck, it could be said, these guys owe us a serious examination of how different the alternate reality can be.

The best way to do that is to throw up an adventure from the Prime universe on the big screen.

The alternate reality is different from the prime universe in lots of ways, but one of the biggest differences is that this alternate Paramount gets to spend lots and lots of money. This means that it just might be possible that more than one genetic superman can be involved in the story.

Don’t tell us you don’t want to see the Sulu sword back to fight a genetically altered super-human. There’s a word for that: hot.

If you’re still questioning the idea or seeing it as a waste, let’s put it another way.

Batman Begins did a lot for the Batman movies. People loved it and it revitalized everything for Batman. It was seen as a great movie, even with the no name villains that were used.

We were fine with that, because we knew what that meant for the sequel.

A popular villain with a sweet actor in its shoes leads to something we call tour de force. Shouldn’t Star Trek get on that?

The Trek community right now is ablaze with the Khantroversy of the upcoming sequel. It has never been confirmed nor really said that this next movie might revisit the villain.

We’re simply saying that if it did, let’s give it a chance. In addition to the arguments we’ve given, there is one more we would like you to consider.

This is just a handful of things that fans didn’t want:

Let’s just trust Star Trek to do the right thing here.

Another thing we’re waiting to have revealed is the film’s director.

J.J. Abrams was a more than adequate director the first time around and we would love to see him come back and tell the story for us. His Star Trek film language was fresh and as new as the cast.

A lot of people complain about the lens flares, but we would argue, that the lens flares should be made to continue. That visual signature has become part of Star Trek storytelling –at least in this universe and to drop it would be to distance the sequel from the original.

We want Abrams back, but if it can’t happen, we hope that another director will make sure to incorporate Abrams style while making the film his or her own. That would take a serious director, dare we say auteur, who can make decisions on photography, editing, and special effects that perfectly support the content of the story.

Like it or not, Star Trek 2009 wasn’t just a movie, it was a film. We mean that in the truest sense of the word as an artform. Such a tradition will have to continue for us to be truly happy with the sequel –no matter who the villain might be.

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  • OmarICIW

    Do not remake space seed,

  • TomR

    Jerad – I love your work on this site and your insight into all things Star Trek. However I have to agree with OmartCIW – DO NOT REMAKE SPACE SEED. I understand there is probably someone in the world who could do a remake/continuation into a good movie but it would be very difficult and, bottom line, why? The original series show and the second ST film were (are) a matched set that work perfectly with each other. I don’t often disagree with you however doing anything to upset that perfect match (so rare in film making) is, in my opinion, a big mistake. I feel this in one case where we must leave that well enough alone. Later – Tom

  • Kahless

    While I also tend to lean in the direction away from a “Space Seed” remake, the new direction of Trek is in good hands with Mr. Abrams, lens flares and all.

    All I ask is a good story. And if it includes Kahn, so be it!

  • http://trekcast.com jerad.formby

    @TomR Thanks for your thoughts on why there shouldn’t be a Space Seed remake.

    The idea of upsetting the perfect match between Space Seed and Wrath of Khan is a compelling argument, but it seems there might be room for a third installment in the set.

    As I wrote in this post, I think we’re owed a serious examination of how “different” this alternate reality is and one of the greatest tools Abrams and company have is access to the entire Prime Universe (which should be running with minimum damage from Nero).

    Someone has to go to Cestus III still, someone has to investigate what happened to the Valiant when it tried to leave our galaxy, and someone has to come across a little sleeper ship called the Botany Bay.

    Of course, it’s just as possible, Kirk could set a different course and miss the ship completely… which sounds to me like a bit of a waste for an outstanding adventure.

    I agree with @kahless that the new movie just needs a good story even if it includes Khan.

    If there is no Khan, I will obviously still be attending. 🙂 And hanging on every rumor until its release! 🙂

  • http://scifidinerpodcast.com/ Miles McLoughlin

    Leave it to you to give the opposing view a chance to be heard. I respect that. I see the temptation to go to Space Seed & have Khan be the antagonist. However, the question that it might be too soon is valid. In this new universe Kirk takes command of the Enterprise almost 5 years before his Prime Universe counterpart takes command. So the timing when the Enterprise meets up with the Botany Bay would be off. Unless they’re going to fast forward a few years than it might work. If they do go with Khan I would suggest they use Naveen Andrews. This guy is Indian. Khan was supposed to be Indian. This guy has a great look & voice. He may only be 5 ‘8, but with his stage presence he looks 7 ft tall. They would have to do the film in such a way as not to kill Khan off and where Khan could return. In this new universe, they can go in many new directions. So even though, I think they should hold off on Space Seed, I’ll still go see it when it comes out. Hurry up 2012!

  • http://trekcast.com jerad.formby

    @Miles Mcloughlin

    Plus Naveen Andrews has the inside track with the Abrams camp because of his amazing work on Lost. I’m into the idea. 🙂 But if there’s anyway we can cast one of Khan’s lieutenant’s with that Jeremy Renner from the Hurt Locker..? Then it’s really on 🙂

  • green blooded hob goblin

    reading all your comments on st2 (or what ever they will call it as they seem to have argued over the grammer of 1st one…) if they go down the space seed khan …wrath of khan route that would be ok really…. wouldnt it!! ..but a waste .
    i agree with a lot of folks when they say there are plenty of options for films… from some of the strory lines from the origanal series or the failed star trek phase 2 scripts ok next gen used a few but i am sure there are others!

    They could still use the khan sarga in the future..there is a chance here to make a whole new series of films with out rehashing some of the original star trek films…i mean star trek the motion picture come on!!!! needs to be forgotten about and the last last 2 of the original films i can not even bring my self to recall there names…..wheres the mind bleach!! they where so bad….lets hope they never go down that route!

    but what ever they do they know the trek fans will watch even if its through clenched teeth… like d.w fans trekkies or trekkers will take some turning of. no matter how bad they are….but bad films will lose the new genrtation of fans…..
    one last thing…lens flares….so what lol its modern filming tech you watch the nexyt one will be in 3D…. aint every thing..lol

    trk cast keep the course true and staright….. top pod cast

  • @monkeybigbaws

    No no and thrice NO! I may be in the minority but I don’t want a rehash or remake of space seed or any other older story that’s been done before. Give us something fresh innovative and unexplored, that’s what they managed to achieve with XI and that’s what made it a great movie! Bring it on!

  • Clay

    I pose the questions, where was Kahn going, what was he going to do when he got there, or what if Kahn succeeded? One of the problems Star Trek faced is that it became too spread out and watered down. Now that’s not say each tv sreies didn’t have anythng to contribute, but it is to say the franchise lost what made Trek great. Now we have an oppurtunity to not only dwelve deeper and higher with very established characters in a rich universe, but a new younger audience has an oppurtunity to jump onboard.

    A reboot or remake of Space Seed and Wrath of Kahn seems like a logical choice to me, because the audience can experience for the first time what an older generation experienced in 1967 and 1982. It’ll be 2011. It will be almost 30 years since we’ve seen Kahn, and I remind everyone there was a 30 year differance between TOS and TNG, which in essence was another reboot, which people were resistant to. Many of those episodes were remakes of the originals anyway.

    So two thumbs up for bringing back Khan in a different story!!!