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Trek Timeline by one Thomas Reed… Thanks man!
And for an in depth timeline down load Jeffrey Harlan’s PDF here


  • Ryan

    YES! YES! YES! Finally. Thanks David. I still want Nerd Alert and Butthole in your face though. Keep up the great work.

    Your Trekcast Pal

  • jerad.formby

    This is a great idea! David, you are showered in awesome!

  • Listen up, to’ba! This is awesome! My kid’s already dancing to the Trekcast theme!

  • crgeorge

    Lots of fun. Thanks for posting the music.

  • themightyyen

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, I can’t wait to go to work and listen to the podcast , You a’ll get me thru my work week, my little one will now watch voyager w/ me cause Mr. Russ is on “icarly” and now she knows him as Tuvok but she doesn’t like twlix (the combo vulcan lionfish) . btw the call signs killed me…” Scarecrow ya gotta boogie on your tail, I got ’em baby names” BWHAHAHAHA!!!! Thanks David,Darren jared and alica who can narrerte a tech manuel and i would listen-the mighty yen

  • Love the p-cast!….Quick ponderance: Anyone else think the theme song
    for Enterprise is completely…well…ghey? I’ve always heard
    VanHalen’s song: “Higher” as the theme. Oh my god I hear it every time.
    ….We’ll get higher and higher straight up we’ll climb!….”
    But we are left with hippy-acoustic mello yello, Hootie and the Blowfish
    coffee shop song. ACK!

  • Jay

    I’m not much of a trekkie, but remember watching the show with my family like most of us did from the 80’s generation and it brought back memories. I stumbled across your website while searching the internet and listened to your 50th trekcast and must to say to David, Alysha and Darren, keep given her all she’s got!!! Can’t wait to check out your next p-cast 😀

  • Doxy

    Haha! I was listening to Nip Tucker and when I was told to log onto and check out “The Podcast” section with you, I was nowhere near a computer. I freakin paused this podcast and found one in my garage.

  • i have a podcasting website and i got some good deal of subscribers too*.;

  • Arthur

    I miss Trekcast. At least podcast once a month pretty please?

  • Chris Russo

    How the heck do you rate this podcast on iTunes? I go to the page in iTunes the podcast is on but see no place to rate it!!

  • bubjay

    Welcome back you beautiful Geeks

    Hey Dave I gave you $10 via Pay Pal and you
    honestly returned it when you guys when
    Up On Blocks for a year

    If I can find you in Vegas I owe you a beer

  • Josh

    Hey guys. New listener here and I had a question. During the last two episodes, a commentary track of the 2009 movie was mentioned. Anyone know where I can find that? I checked the podcast feed but I don’t see any episodes over 2 hours long.

  • It’s in our subscriber section. We did several tidbits in there 🙂

  • ST:EXP

    Great episode. I enjoy the show because it’s the only forum where the hosts have the balls to poke at the whack-job fringe of fans and call out when the ST actors are bizarre. Much more enjoyable than a bland pro-Trek “everything is awesome” dialogue.

    My only comment was on the nerd-rage anecdote… sitting in the reserved gold seats even though the convention session wasn’t in progress.

    I get what you’re saying… and I guess it’s all a matter of perspective… but Trek con or not… I don’t care what the event or venue is… but if you have someone paying hundreds of dollars for reserved seats for a weekend… that means they are passionate about that event and expect that those seats are really reserved.

    Yes, you acknowledged that you’d move if the seat-holder came and asked you to get up… but the whole point is that you are putting someone in the position to have to do so.

    They aren’t borrowing $600 from their scooter-maintenance fund to have to feel uncomfortable and ask someone to get out of their seat. The fact that you’re in their seat to begin with means that you wanted it, needed it and had to see something on stage.

    Can you dig it?

  • Awesome THANKS!

  • Scott

    I would love to have your listener feed back theme, “Incoming Subspace Signal” as a ringtone. Is there any chance of this, and the classic Trekcast theme being put up on the site for downloading? (If they’re already here, where are they? My sensors did not detect them.)

  • Coming this week:)

  • historian65616

    Just stumbled upon the podcast and enjoy listening to it as I fly around the galaxy on STO. Thanks!

  • Kiminaustralia

    G’day – predictable but hey it has to be said… Love the podcast. Xx

  • Kim

    Hey guys where are you?. The silence is killing me..

  • Dr Sheldon Cooper

    You’re in my spot.

  • NoRez

    Just started listening and caught your latest podcast after a few previous older ones – have to say I think the change is definitely for the better and I’ll keep listening (and make a donation shortly!)
    I follow another Trek podcast and it’s interesting enough but quite dry. When I first started listening to the early TrekCast eps I wished there was something that would combine the best of both approaches. I think that’s what you have here now and it’s very appreciated!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • Dayna Silvey

    I just got done watching trekkies 1 and 2. I was amazed. I have always loved star trek but I love it more now and I am on my way to becoming a geek. I am curious about other people’s favorite episode on each star trek series. Thank you for being here.

  • Bayou

    Where can I watch Trekkies 1 and 2? For free?

  • Netflix 🙂

  • Amber Luthi

    I love your show , you guys are absolutely amazing and crazy !
    I listen to you guys all the time , even at work . Just wanted to say thank – you and keep up the good work . Live long and prosper !!