12th Sep2013
most toys

Trekcast Episode 99: Collecting Star Trek

Why do we feel the desire to collect merchandise from franchises like Star Trek and others that we love so much? Are we hoarders? Do we just...

28th Aug2013

Trekcast Episode 98: Actors not Aliens:(

Unfortunately the actors on Star Trek are just that: Actors. As much as we (I) wanted them to be aliens and Starfleet personnel. I discovered all this...

20th Aug2013

Trekcast Episode 97: Convention 2013: Oops we did it again.

We apologize in advance for another year of drunken Star Trek convention babble. We just can’t help it. We have so much fun, drink way too many...

01st Aug2013
half faces

Trekcast Episode 96: Is Star Trek Racist?

  Oh no we didn’t ask that. Truth is that it might be. We look at the way different race are portrayed in Star Trek. You might...

26th Jul2013

Trekcast Episode 95: The Trek we hate yet still love.

Even the Star Trek we hate, we still love in one way or another. Sparked by a question on the Trekcast Facebook page, David and guest co-host...

17th Jul2013

Trekcast Supplemental Episode 32: Will work for latinum

We are back with the supplemental episodes! This week we have special quest co-hosts: 80′s Jeff and the return of Paul Mattingly aka Vohah aka Butthole in...

11th Jul2013

Trekcast Episode 94: Cleaning Seven of Nine’s alcove

What job would you want to do in the Star Trek universe? Captain, First Officer, cleaning off the saucer section? This week we run through each series...

01st Jul2013

Trekcast Episode 93: KHAAAAAAANvoluted pt.2

  This week we KHAAAAAAAAANtinue (sick of that yet?) our discussion of Star Trek Into Darkness. We also do a littel¬†impromptu “Trekcast: Create Your Own Adventure”¬†while guessing...

25th Jun2013
new Khan

Trekcast Episode 92: KHAAAAAAANFUSED pt.1

We are back and talking about Star Trek Into Darkness. We have mixed feelings about this. Do we love it? Are we afraid of what’s to come?...

04th Feb2013

Trekcast Episode 91: Teenage Muntant Ninja Trekkies

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