12th Nov2012

Trekcast Supplemental 32: Lower Decks 02

by David Ivy

This has been in the Subscriber section for a few months and we feel it’s so good we needed to bring it into the light. This is our great friends and contributors Dr. Allan, Kat and

30th Dec2010


by jerad.formby

Yes, friends and neighbors, its that time of year when all of us take down the Christmas Tree and bite our nails with anticipation for 2011. Its that time when we reflect upon the past and whats happened to us. It’s also that time when we reflect on 2010 and what it brought us.

Stargate Universe has been cancelled. Caprica has been cancelled. Two spin-offs were murdered by fan resistance and criticism. Let us be the first to congratulate you all! We hope that in return for our accolades, you will indulge us in reading our own New Year’s resolution.
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06th Dec2010

Hey Star Trek! dijoo HOLD IT BACK!?

by jerad.formby

If youre listening to Trekcast, which we hope you are, you know that there has been a very sweet series of interviews being contributed by Allen from the west coast. One of these interviews that really knocked our socks off was with the very great John Billingsley who played Doctor Phlox on Enterprise. In case you missed, here it is.

Allen was right to praise the actor throughout the interview as the break-out character of the show. Hearing what he had to say to trekcasts favorite doctor got us all nostalgic for that final incarnation of Trek.

CBS.com is streaming the entire series as of this post, so weve been over there a few times for seconds and sometimes thirds. The reaction to Enterprise by Star Treks fan base has been a keen interest of ours for a long while. Some hate it all day. Some love it all day.

We hate to love it all day and we love to hate it all day.

At word go make us a new Star Trek series, show creators Brannon Braga and Rick Berman knew they wanted to make the concept fresh not only for its fans, but for themselves after all, theyd been writing Trek for most of the professional lives. To really get into the nuts and bolts of Enterprise, we must travel back to the beginnings of TNG.
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17th Nov2010

Hey Star Trek! itchoo SACRED GROUND!?

by jerad.formby

We love Robert Beltran the gentleman who portrayed Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager. He is the bane of many a Trek fan, because hes known as Treks biggest complainer. We must forgive his wildly candid remarks about being on Star Trek, even though thats not true of his fellow cast members.

Kate Mulgrew has criticized Beltrans complaint: they didnt let me act. Her remarks were open and published in Britains SFX magazine across the pond.

Were dont agree with Beltrans complaint, because we do think he got to act on Voyager. We will agree with Beltran that his character didnt become the mind-blowingly awesome character that Chakotay was in theory.

Youve been down this road with us before, gentle reader. This is the road where we go back to the drawing board and take a look at something that went wrong in Trek and wish whimsically that for our favorite television show had charted a different course.

Or better yet, that it had stayed true to course.

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08th Oct2010

Hey Star Trek! itchoo AGO LOST OFF RIP!?

by jerad.formby

We were wandering through a pawnshop here in Las Vegas when we saw someone had hocked their copy of that television show The Event. The box set contained all six episodes and an extra disc with two extra episodes that never aired.

It was tempting for us to buy the thing, but even at the low price of four dollars, it wasn’t going to be worth it. Even though we didn’t know for sure, we suspected that The Event box set wasn’t going to contain “the event” the show had been building up to. We moved on from the DVDs and on out the door.

We couldnt help but wonder what happened to that show. It premiered to an incredible number of viewers and the following week, the ratings saw a huge drop. So we went to the Hey Star Trek! offices, turned on the lights, and dusted off the old analyticator-alternator. Perhaps a closer examination of the now defunct series would reveal just what went wrong and maybe other mystery shows might be saved from the same fate.
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