06th May2012

Trekcast Episode 77: Are We Spoiled?

by David Ivy



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17th May2011

Trekcast Episode 74: Not from lack of want

by David Ivy

Hello and welcome

23rd Jan2011

Trekcast Episode 73: Were home

by David Ivy
Hello Trekcaster’s welcome back to an all new year and an all new episode of your favorite Star Trek podcast. This week on Trekcast we delve a little deeper into David’s feelings on Star Trek Voyager, wonder what he thought?

30th Dec2010


by jerad.formby

Yes, friends and neighbors, its that time of year when all of us take down the Christmas Tree and bite our nails with anticipation for 2011. Its that time when we reflect upon the past and whats happened to us. It’s also that time when we reflect on 2010 and what it brought us.

Stargate Universe has been cancelled. Caprica has been cancelled. Two spin-offs were murdered by fan resistance and criticism. Let us be the first to congratulate you all! We hope that in return for our accolades, you will indulge us in reading our own New Year’s resolution.
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28th Nov2010

Trekcast Episode 72: We got our hands on CHEKOV!!!

by David Ivy

Hello and welcome to episode 72 of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast, this week we continue our great interviews from the Trek Expo with a great interview from our roving Trekcast reporter Allan, with none other than our favorite Russian helmsman Pavel Chekov, Mr Walter Koenig (who knew he