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Here are some shots of us doing some Trekkafied stuff

  • I vote for Alicia as official Trek Cast T-Shirt model.
    ‘dem suckers would sell like HOT CAKES!

  • Heather

    I am new to the trekcast. I won’t lie-I’m a major star wars fan but seeing the trailer for the new Star Trek movie I can’t wait to see it and plan on watching all the series from the beginning after I see the movie. I used to watch Next Generation with my dad growing up and went to a convention with him once in Pittsburgh (one of my favorite memories actually). Thank you for entertaining me on the way to work! I am a fan and plan on listening from now on! Do you have any advice to a new fan coming to this massive universe? Thanks!

    P.S. Darren’s hot!!!! hubba hubba! 😉

  • SciFiLover

    Greetings from St. Louis, MO. I just wanted to thank you guys for giving Trek fans a place to go. Movies come and go, but the fans live on forever.

    Please keep us posted on the hopeful rebirth of Star Trek the Experience. I was there three weeks after the original grand opening and I told my son I would take him to Vegas to see it when he turned 21…unfortunately his 21st birthday was three months after the experience closed down. When I heard you report about its possible rebirth it gave me hope to that I could still keep my promise. We can’t wait to hear the final details. (Keep’in our fingers crossed.)

    Thanks again!

  • I love your Podcast!!
    I loved the New Star Trek movie.
    And I think I’m in love with Alicia.

  • Peter Seager

    I have listened to every podcast you have made since I started listening. I am loving every one of them.
    I have watched the new movie twice and it rocks! Did you catch the interview with the writers on the Creative Screenwriters Magazine podcast? Very interesting. Get it on iTunes.
    About the hottest Trek girls, I like T’Pol. She has that vulnerability about her that shows great depth and, at the same time, a strength of character that shows reliability and confidence.
    But, what about the girl in the Cloudminders city from TOS. Like actresses from that era, her speech was well formed (good diction) which is very attractive. And she looks fantastic as well.
    Generally though no-one surpasses Gillian Anderson (sigh).
    Keep up the good work,
    Peter Seager
    Sydney, Australia.

  • Gail

    Hey guys

    Hi from Wollongong Australia and just for the record no one says Gday. Anyway Hi and thanks for an excellent show. I love the new movie and as I type this I’m watching a repeat of the final STNG episode on our pay TV. Just wanted you to know that I was in Las Vegas in May 2007 and spent 2 days in the Star Trek experience. is just one of the shots LOL. Love the drinks, love the show and I’ll make the trip back again if it does open. Your podcast is excellent. I play WOW too and love Star Wars so I think we were friends in a past life LOL. Cheers to you all and thank you for an easy to listen to podcast. Darren I think you served us so thanks for the hangover and Dave make the time to love Voyager – it will come. I’m an old bag in terms of most of you (45 this year) but listening to you guys each week is just excellent. Thanks and please keep it up.

  • themightyyen

    Guys And Gal, I have been listening to your pod casts for the last cpl of weeks i have downloaded all except for epsoide 3 of course, i love that others are into trek as much as i am and the new movie rocked (J.J. rocks) i even have a large collection of the d.c. and charleston comics of trek. I often chuckle as a nerd alert comes on because in my head I will answer the question as Mr. Ivy hits the klaxon (btw that’s the name for the alarm I believe). you guys do a great job, if i ever go to sin city warp core breach’s are on me! keep up the Good work and Kapla!!!
    – Yen

  • Justin S. Lakes

    Hello from Dayton Ohio. I love Trekcast, and you guys make my day when i see on my ZUNE. I do just wish that you could have a show at least ounce a week. I love when you have the Nerd Alert. Thank you for such great entertainment. If i could request if you could give me a shout out for Ohio by saying O-H and I will finish while listening with an I-O.

    Live Long and Prosper,
    Justin Lakes

  • Justin S. Lakes

    I would love to request a 3x Trekcast shirt. Diff, sizes would be nice. I would love to get one.

  • Aria Mia

    For newcomers to Trekcast, I need to say you are all in for a treat. This is the best podcast ever made. These guys are fun and entertaining; you feel like your just sitting with some really great friends talking Trek. Inormative and clever with great topics and guests, Trekcast has become my Number One (pun very much intended) source of Star Trek information. David, Darren, Alicia, and the gang are so open to hearing the opinions and views of their fans and they have so much fun that I wish Trekcast offered a new episode twice a day instead of twice a week!
    So, keep up the great work, guys. I hope Trekcast lives long and prospers.

  • Michael Magnes

    Hey guys, just wanted to say this is the single greatest podcast ever. It’s like being in the room with a bunch of friends listening to a great conversation about something I love. plus you guys got me to Netflix DS9 and I am loving it. Sisko might be my favorite captain now, even over the Shat man.

    Anyway keep up the good work and have a good one,

    Sincerly Michael Magnes.

  • Bot Marley

    Ryan fromTFWIRe and Spada too have totaly gotten me into TrekCast and I wanted to thank you for rejuvinating my inner Trekness with this baddass show! You guys and gal are awesome and I look forward to every show. theTransformers are an alien race and what if the crew of TNG came across Cybertron on the middle of thier war and the away crew gets stuck in the middle?

  • Michael Magnes

    I just wanted to say I love this show. Thank you. If I’m ever in Las Vegas I would love to hang out with you guys.

  • TomR

    Thank you all for the ‘cast. I am in the process of listening to them all and I can not stop! lol I drive a truck and haven’t had a chance to see the new movie yet but am really looking forward to seeing it. I remember when Star Trek The Movie (the first one) was shown on TV the first time. I had my boss tape it on VHS even tho I didn’t have a player at the time. To this day I love that movie no matter what anyone else says. You guys are such a treasure trove of information it is a true pleasure to listen to your podcast. Wishing you all the very best – Tom Reed

  • Jason Voss

    Now i know how the “Old TOS Klingons” felt.

  • Hi Cast. You know, you look younger on the show. Just kidding hehe.

  • TomR

    Hey there Folks! I could listen to you guys all day (and sometimes actually do!). I drive a truck and man do the miles fly by while listening to TrekCast. Great commentary on my favorite show(s)/movie(s) of all time. I have been a fan since the very first airing on TV back in the day. I was of course much younger then. I even put a mike next to the speaker on the TV and recorded the audio on reel-to-reel tape! How’s that for geekus maximus? And, by the way, dam proud of it! Ya’ll be good, keep up the great work (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You) and when they reopen the Experience I will definately get out to Vegas to visit.

  • SamTCogley

    Brand new to this wide world of podcasting, and loving it ! keep up the great work!
    I’ll be listening.

  • Alfijane

    Love the site and the podcast guys, thanks for the chat.

  • TrekMom

    I love you guys and can not get enough of you guys. I have just recently discoverd podcasts. Each week I wait anxiously for new episodes. So I have decided to go back and listen to past podcasts. Please keep the coming.
    I also love the episodes you guys created. Please keep those coming as well.

  • Greetings! I’m sorry not to be able to make it to Vegas this year
    Keep up the great work guys!
    Anyway, here’s my latest video… enjoy…
    and please remeber to consume alcohol responsibly!

  • katqueen101

    Email me I have photo’s for you guys!!! Kim R

  • Lauren

    Hey guys Lauren again I just want to say that I love Trek Cast and I love Star Trek live long and prosper

  • Stuart from Bristol, UK

    Hi, just wanted to stay, I’m loving the podcast. Slowly working my way through them all, you seem to improve every week. Just wondering if you have a favourite quote from Trek. I don’t know why, but I love Odo’s line to Quark, about Sisko in DS9’s opener Emissary, which from memory went something like – “Did you know, at first, I didn’t think I’d like him.” – It just seems to set up the Quark/Odo dynamic so well.

  • ben

    Hey everyone!!! I have been listening from the beginning and I learned aobut your show from the Forcast Starwars show. You guys rock!! Keep up the good work

  • kukalakana

    So, as is often the case… You guys look nothing like I imagine while listening.
    Keep smiling. Kuka. Dunedin. NZ.

  • OMG! David and Alicia! I MISS YOUUUUUU! This is the coolest ever!

  • gramo

    I recently found the site and i am loving it. I decided to go back and start listening to the podcasts from the beginning. ive listen to the first 20 in about a week. It scool to hear you all u guessing about the new movie and stuff. keep up the good work.

    ps in the pod casts im listening to there is too much Voyager bashing.

    pps loved the ST OGAM info. its great.

  • JonnyB

    Hey cast of Trekcast! I was wondering if you guys knew about Q being in star trek online?

  • JonnyB

    Does anyone know if you can take over enemy ships such as borg cubes, in star trek online? also if you can creat ships like Shin Zon’s in star trek:nemesis

  • JonathanD.

    Dear Trekcast,

    I’ve been on board with you guys since a few weeks be for the new movie and I have to say THANK YOU for the best Trek podcast on the web ever!!! This is truly Star Trek Nirvana, listening to all of you helps me get through my work day and my commute. It’s like having a conversation with good friends in your home talking passionately about our favorite series. I am now a proud subscriber!!

    Jonathan D. from the Windy City of Chicago

    By the way, see if you can interview James Crawley from Phase II

  • MrsRayStantz

    I’m so in love with this podcast!!! Being a Ferengi lover I think there should be more Jerad.

  • JT

    Jerad looks like he’s pooping in the crew picture.

  • Nick Allen

    Hey! Welcome back crew! We did it! Got our con tickets and are caravanning across Ceti-Alpha 5 to get there thanks to Trek Cast, seemed like such fun from your broadcast last year! Look forward to saying “Hi” and “Thanks” in person!

    “Blue shirt” Nick Allen

  • Can’t wait to be there….soon, soon. So, where’s the meetup going to be this year?????

  • Sam Coulter

    I have just discovered you and slowly catching up I am an Original Fan, and love listening I am only up to April of 2009, so I really can’t make any meaningful comment until I reach you time stream. Thks

  • scott mccowan

    Just wanted to say how much I love the Trekcast and can’t wait till the next episode. Or a Podcast where Dr. Who and the Trek group do cliffhanger style episodes, whichever comes first.
    OO cool a Police Box has just materialized in my living room.

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  • Vulcana

    I love Trekcast, which is why I recently subscribed…But whenever I put in my password which is asked for to access the “subscribers” section – it asks me for my password again…it doesn’t tell me it’s wrong…it just won’t let me go anywhere??????

  • Have you hit subscribe on the home page?

  • (This is a osim podcas I lisin to it evry day)

  • Lord Humungus

    I freakin’ love this show. Glad you guys came back to semi-regular status! This is the greatest podcast in the world…period.

  • myspark1

    Just joined and thought I would say hello. 🙂 — Mark

  • mike

    where did u all go???? miss the podcast. please come back you guys rock.