07th Aug2012

Trekcast at the Convention

by David Ivy

Here we are. Darren, Alicia and David getting our Trek on!

07th Aug2012

Our show is now on Stitcher!

by David Ivy


Our show is now on Stitcher!

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09th Dec2010

The Crew on Pub Crawl!

by David Ivy

Some couples would be quite unhappy if they pulled into their garage to find it flooded due to a bad hot water heater. But not our David and Alicia! In today’s Pub Crawl, we learn that living in Las Vegas means never having to pay full price for a new hot water heater. Show notes:

  • Vegas Mate Contest Winners: Jacquie D., Sharon C., Aaron M., Judith W., Guy D.
  • Special Guest Bartender: Darren from McMullins Irish Pub
  • Cocktail of the Week: Irish Car Bomb
  • Drunk term: Slainche
  • McMullins, Shopping Malls, Capos, Herbs and Rye
  • Lolitas, Black Door, a return to Dicks, Frankies, Otto
  • Excalibur, Water Heaters and Men in Tights (Tournament of Kings!)
  • Hey Bartender (your LIVE and email questions) (including the “lifestyle”)
  • Last Call (how not to get thrown out, throw up, knocked up, or knocked out): How to get a strong poor at a bar

Today’s Cocktail of the Week:

Irish Car Bomb
3/4 pint Guinness
1/2 shot Irish cream
1/2 shot Irish Whiskey

Poor Guinness into a pint glass. Mix the Irish cream and Irish whiskey in a single shot glass. After Guinness settles, drop the shot glass into pint glass and immediately consume. All of it. You can do it.

We expect David to be wearing tights next week.

11th Oct2010

Trekcast Crew on a new Vegas Show

by David Ivy

Welcome to the premiere edition of Pub Crawl!!

Hosts David and Alicia recount their adventures at Mandarin Oriental, New York New York, and the Diablo Cantina (which may or may not require shoes). They also take questions from the live chat audience and deliver a GREAT “parking-in-Las-Vegas” tip.

Man, I love Las Vegas.

30th Jan2010


by David Ivy

To join “YES KILL I” look for trekcast, quarksbartender or trek-cast to get an invite