26th Feb2015

Trekcast Episode 119: Data’s Due

by David Ivy


This week David Ivy and Darren Benjamin follow up on the Star Trek Spin Offs and then discuss The Next Generations most lovable android, Data.


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26th Oct2012

Trekcast Episode 89: Some Love for Pulaski!

by David Ivy

Hey why not? We love the lady. Was she a fish out of water on Star Trek The Next Generation? We think so. We aslo discuss the London Trek Convention, answer email and tackel some serious trivia.

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14th Dec2009

Trekcast Episode 53: People We Love: Lwaxana Troi

by David Ivy


Hello Trekcasters and welcome to our 53rd episode of Trekcast the Star Trek podcast. Well the holidays are swiftly approaching so we thought we would try and spread some holiday cheer by giving all of you out there an early Christmas present this fine episode of Trekcast, so grab a glass of Eggnog or Raktajino whatever it is you enjoy, sit back and enjoy this weeks episode.

This week we have an episode full of contributions from some of our great listeners. Romulan Ale brings us up to date on the forums from his winter home on Ferenginar. Speaking of the Ferengi we also have a very special update from everyones favorite Nagus, no not Nog, ex Grand Nagus Zek he gives us his take on all things finance here in this century. We also have a fine Christmas tune composed by the guys over at Babbling Brothers. We’d also like to thank David Kleparek for that intro from Denise Crosby.

Then of course we move onto our topic which is a new one for Trekcast where we will be discussing some of our favorite characters from the Star Trek universe all about them what we like, dislike you name it. So we decided our first subject would be Lwaxana Troi as played by Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (one of my favorite Trek personalities).

Thanks once again for listening, and for writing those great five star reviews on iTunes, and as always we really appreciate our subscribers, and those that have made very generous donations to us here at Trekcast. For those of you that cant get enough Star Trek and would love more Trekcast you can follow all of us on Twitter as well, find me at @Quarksbartender, David is @Trekcast and Jerad is @Super_spock where we post some good fun Star Trek stuff from time to time.

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