14th Jan2016

Trekcast Supplemental 34: The Force Awakens

by David Ivy


This week review the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars : The Force Awakens, from a Star Trek fan point of view.¬†You’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” See what I did there?

How could we not.

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11th Nov2013

Trekcast Supplemental Episode 33: How did you become a Trekkie?

by David Ivy


Darren, Jeef and Paul learn about each other and their own bodies in this very special, coming of age episode of Trekcast. I just through up a little writing that sentence. We do in fact learn how our heroes became Trekkies and follow their path to the great nerds you see before you today. We also ask the the important questions like: Have you accepted James T. Kirk as your captain and admiral?

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17th Jul2013

Trekcast Supplemental Episode 32: Will work for latinum

by David Ivy

We are back with the supplemental episodes! This week we have special quest co-hosts: 80’s Jeff and the return of Paul Mattingly aka Vohah aka Butthole in your face!

Let’s see what they thought of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Also this week Darren asks our guest hosts the big question: How did you get into Star Trek in the first place.

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14th May2012

Trekcast Supplemental Episode 31:Y U so cheap?

by David Ivy


26th Aug2009

Trekcast Supplemental Episode 30: Star Trek The Assault

by Quarksbartender

chuchnorrisHello and welcome to the latest installment of Trekcast the Star Trek Podcasts weekly supplemental where we David, Darren, and Alicia answer all your burning Star Trek questions, ponder your thoughts, and hear about some of the things we have missed on previous episodes via our Hailing Frequencies (emails) and Subspace Signals (call-ins).

Once again we would like to thank you our listeners for making us the number one rated Star Trek podcast in the Galaxy or at least the Alpha Quadrant, and we still love all your feedback so keep the 5 star reviews coming on iTunes and those emails coming as well you can reach either of us David is at David@trekcast.com and myself Darren@trekcast.com or you can just drop us an email at Trekcast@gmail.com you can also follow David @Trekcast or myself @Quarksbartender on twitter as well, so drop us a line we would love to hear form you what you like about Star Trek, what you like about Trekcast, where you listen to the show.

So until next time get your Spock on or was that Klingon, oh well until next time, oh and one last thing Happy belated Birthdayfrom the team of geeks here at Trekcast to Chris Pine we salute you sir.