Trekcast Drinking Game!


Chris from the Valley sent this in and we think this will work JUST fine.

Items needed:
Episode of Trekcast (duh)
2 bottles of your favorite liquor or a healthy supply of your favorite adult beverage
Shot glasses for all players

Deluxe Edition:
Replace 2 bottles of liquor with a Warp Core Breach

Take 1 shot/drink whenever:

David and/or Darren mess up the episode intro
Darren mispronounces a word
The first time Alicia speaks after she introduces herself
David mentions the weather in Las Vegas
The first time the NERD ALERT! sounder is used
Darren mentions working at The Experience
Jared is on the episode
David mentions watching an episode of Deep Space Nine recently
You know the answer to whatever the crew is talking about but they don’t (ex. episode title) (take a second shot if you shout it out before they get the answer)

Take 2 shots/drinks whenever:

Alicia mispronounces someones name
Jared gets all giddy over Chase Masterson
David mentions his hatred of Beverly Crusher
Darren namedrops someone he talked to while working at The Experience (ex. Armin Shimmerman)
Alicia says something that sounds naughty but isn’t (ex. cockles)
One of David and Alicia’s pets is heard in the background
David mentions his love of Star Trek
Darren mentions something he read/found on Twitter
The first time the Qa’Pla! sounder is used

Take 3 shots/drinks whenever:

A celebrity/writer/non-Trekcast regular is on the show (ex. Dayton Ward)
What’s What With Brandi T. is played
David gives a new nickname to a Trekcast listener who has emailed in to the show
Darren is stumped on a Trek factoid
David goes on a rant about Star Wars
Darren namedrops Rod Roddenberry
A former Experience employee appears on the show in character
The chocolate Defiant is mentioned by anyone on the show, crew or listener

If you don’t have an incredible buzz on by the 30 minute mark you aren’t really listening to Trekcast. The winner is determined by… well we’re all winners for being part of the Trekcast experience so have another shot in salute to you the Trekcast listener!

  • Wait, I’m a rule in a drinking game? AWESOME!!!!!!

  • KermmitTheFrog

    I was at work listening to Trekcast. All I had to drink was coffee and I still was able to walk away with a caffine buzz. I can’t imagine how messed up I would be if it was a warp core breach. Miss Piggy would be looking really good.

    Live long and prosper.

  • Vernon Wilmer

    A lot of hat happens in #47 – including a cat meowing, and Alicia stating she likes to “eat the whole organism” – which got past everyone somehow… LOL

  • Rob

    My booze limit is small because of the meds I’m on so I’ll just take one shot each.

  • Vernon, all that happened in episode # 47? 47!?
    Anyone else?
    Yer freakin’ me out!

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  • Ranga

    Wish I had some Trekkie friends to play this game with. I’m told it’s looked down upon to get drunk alone…