06th Sep2010

Trekcast Episode 69: Tuvix

by David Ivy

     Welcome Trekcasters to the next all new exciting episode of well, Trekcast episode 69 DUDE!! This week we are all back to normal, as normal as we get anyway there are no Cons going on in the area so we are back in the studio recording once again. This week we answer your Subspace Signals on all things Trek and you know how much we love your emails so keep them coming.  We also tackle one of our favorite episode types the Best of Trek. Since Davis is headed back into the delta quadrant to watch some Voyager we are gonna talk about one of my favorite episodes Tuvix (thanks by the way to all of the suggestions form my twitter buddies, you know who you are)  
     Also on this weeks episode we talk a little about what we refer to as the Star Trek grass roots movement with all the local improv shows, small batch products such as Mondos impossible to get Star Trek posters and even some cool wallets. Also the great comic strip Ensign Sue Must Die as well as the many great fan films floating around out there.
     We are also proud to announce we are teaming up with the folks over at Trek Expo to give away four pairs of tickets for the Hollywood Expo  at The Hilton in Universal Studios on October 15 thru the 17. All you have to do is write us an email to Trekcast@gmail.comwith subject line Trek Expo tickets, and let us know why you want the tickets make it funny, smart, and challenge our mental capacity. we will let the winners know via email oh and you should definitely be able to attend.
     Well thanks once again for lending us your Vulcan ears and enjoying this weeks Trekcast we will be back soon Live, Long, and Prosper.  

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  • Wouter Visser

    Hey guys,

    That was another great podcast!
    One nit-picky thing I noticed in Tuvix, that you didn’t talk about, is this:
    Where the hell did the flower go? It merged into Tuvix, but when they split him into Tuvok and Neelix, there was no mention of the flower that caused all this… Where do you think it went? Is it still inside one of them?
    Anyway, keep up the great work!
    Cheers from a big fan from the Netherlands

  • gramo

    Its just great to see the podcast back on track with weekly episodes again. i had gone back and was listening to the show from the beginning all over again when there was nothing new. ive heard each show at least twice now amd they are still fun. keep up the great work…and yeah were did that flower go.

    ps does the actor who played tuvix also play one of the securirty officers. The one who threatens chakotay witha phaser when he kidnapps Janeway in shatteres (season 7).
    Just a thought 🙂

  • Chuckmaster83

    Tuvix? Really?