08th Apr2009

Trekcast Sci-fi Supplement 12: Stud/Geek Hybrids

by Quarksbartender

Sit down with us enjoy a nice glass of Kanar and enjoy the next episode of the Trekcast supplement. This week we have a whole tribble load of Star Trek movie news but first we jump right into the incoming sub-space signals. We update you guys on what we have heard on the all new Star Trek: Experience unfortunately there isnt anything great to report but we promise to keep you updated as soon as we here anything. Then we pronounce 2009 the year of Trek with all the great Trek news coming out including the world premeire of Star Trek in Sydney at the opera house and Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse. Then in toy and tech news there is a new iphone phaser app and Star Trek: Countdown for the iphone, Diamond select has a great electronic Captain Kirk with Captains chair. Star Trek is going to be everywhere soon including Cereal boxes so lets all make this the year of Trek exciting times. Thanks for listening and stay tuned next week for the next half of our interview with Dayton Ward

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  • Dale Hoppert

    Per our friend April Hebert, they’re apparently casting look-alikes of the new cast for some sort of event in Vegas May 8. She speculates that this may be the groundbreaking ceremony for the new STTE @ Neonopolis.

  • Just wanted everyone who wants to know I snook into the new Star Trek movie and am playing the part of an inmate on the prison planet . I made sure I was always walking into the scene behind the main character Nero Eric Bana or acting behind or near Him . Being a stagehand it was different being in front of a camera instead of holding one