15th Dec2017

Trekcast Supplemental: What’s going on with Trekcast?

by David Ivy



A message from David on the future of Trekcast.

  • Vernon Wilmer

    I feel ya man.

  • Scrappy

    Is Darren going to be part of the crew at any point?

  • Mark Welch

    Oh good, thanks for the update. I have finished the podcasts for my 3rd time. And am ready for more.

  • Brad Kilpatrick

    First of all, where is Darren in all this? Why can’t he continue with the new crew? Secondly…

    David, can you guys PLEASE give us one last farewell episode, with Darren and Alicia? After all these years of Trekcast, it would be sad for you guys to end it like this. Have some drinks, talk about how you got to this point, reminisce about the years of Trekcast and talk about what’s going on with you guys in general. You don’t even have to talk current, day to day Trek.

  • Brad Kilpatrick

    I just watched the March Facebook live episode. Now I’m even more curious as to how it got to this point. In that episode, you seemed to have plans to do it monthly and do Discovery after shows. Also, how did the Facebook live episode not make it to being a podcast episode?