17th May2009

watchoo got no TREK FRIENDS!?

by jerad.formby

Explore the wonderful world of Trekcast and DVD geeks.


It turns out that you went to Star Trek and found a movie that made you happy. Maybe you never wanted to give Star Trek a chance or maybe others had dissuaded you from watching Star Trek. Whatever the reason, now you’re here at a Star Trek fansite because you want to know something more about it.

This is Trekcast. A new podcast is posted here twice a week and you experience the wide-wide wonderful world of fandom through the voices of David Ivy and Darren Benjamin. So if you’re looking for something to get your feet wet in the world of podcasting and the universe of Star Trek, this is the best place to start.


Your humble hosts met at Star Trek: The Experience where Darren was behind the bar and David was on the barstool with his wife Alicia. The two of them would shout off about all things Star Trek for any number of hours and days.
And I, your sweet Hey Star Trek! blogger would be wearing a mask, totally decked out as a walk-around Star Trek character available for photo-ops and “in universe” Star Trek conversation. My character was a Ferengi named “Quan” (although it was spelled “Coin”).

The origins of your Podcast are found rooted in the conversations that Darren and David would share up until Star Trek: The Experience closed its doors last year on the 1st of September. Fortunately, the two of them found time to party off and on in other venues in a less professional environment and the idea of the Trekcast gained momentum.

David already owned all things related to “Trekcast.” In fact, before moving to Las Vegas, David had rocked out this podcast with another buddy of his, Jason Voss, in Los Angeles. Jason is now a regular contributor from Los Angeles.
It’s contributors like Jason who help Trekcast content soar to being posted twice a week instead of once. That’s right, brothers and sisters, new episodes of Trekcast are posted twice a week.

On a Monday you’ll find a long and indepth Star Trek discussion that features interviews with people as fascinating as the Klingon Voq’ha (who worked at Star Trek: The Experience) all the way to Dayton Ward who is a Star Trek author whose published by Pocket Books.

The Monday edition also has regular features like “Klingon Word of the Day” and “What’s what with Brandy T.” Brandy T. is a contributor from Los Angeles and she always boils an aspect of Star Trek into something a little over a minute long. The segments are funny and insightful.


Thursdays see the “Sci-fi Supplement” posted. This is the podcast reserved for discussing other things that are science-fiction. This is also the segment where David, Darren, and Alicia respond to your emails. Emails range from praise for the show, to criticism of the show, to questions about the world of Star Trek.

Keep in mind that Trekcast works hard to keep mixing up their material to ensure that there’s always something new for you. I know that Dayton Ward is looking forward to bringing fellow Star Trek author Kevin Dilmore onto the show. These guys are the right kind of nerds (just like everyone I’ve referenced and will reference). They’re funny about it the Trek and light about the Trek. Perfect shelter in a ‘boo-hoo’ blizzard that’s blowing all around you.

Don’t be surprised to hear that Trekcast is networked!


marynjohnIn Chicago, Fearless Radio features a podcast over at dvdgeeks.tv. John Champion, Mary Czerwinski, and a guy named “Rory” review DVDs the Tuesday before they’re made available. They are gracious, salivating, awesome Star Trek fans who nerd out with the best of us. They recently ran a promotion with Trekcast to give away sets of Star Trek: The Original Series on Blue-Ray.

Please don’t read that these cats only review Star Trek. Their show is the entire gambit of what’s released from the latest PIXAR to the latest DVD of that movie that came out in 1938 and is finally coming to home video. They also round out their show with a favorite from their own DVD shelf. The format of DVDGEEKS.TV has a mission of broadening the scope of what movies people watch and they champion and applaud all manners of different tastes!


Your friends don’t stop there. Trekcast has listeners all around the world –from Austrailia to Russia. Good company is world company, logically.

And where does that leave me, the Trekcast blogger?

If you’re not familiar with what I do, I’ll explain it like this: Star Trek is the love of my life and sometimes I think it deserves to be teased, challenged, and loved. My Romulan lady in the header has her way with a Reman as I don’t approve of Remans. She calls out Hey Star Trek! and asks it a question. The blog then proceeds to explore the question. And it usually looks like this:


Expect new Hey Star Trek! on a Tuesday and on a Saturday. Just as Trekcast works to vary its content with the two separate podcasts, I too endeavor to use my Saturday post to explore things that aren’t necessarily Trek, but definitely nerdy in some kind of way.

When it comes to exploring a phenomenon that could be considered dense and intimidating, Trekcast and its team of geeks work hard to communicate the love of Trek in humorous soundbites and addictive conversations. This is what you can listen to and read when you need to get your Trek on any day of the week.

We’re happy to provide you the service. Take advantage of us.




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  • TheBobfather

    I’ve always liked Trek since childhood, but I’ve never been a Trekker or a Trekkie…Anyway, after preparing for the new movie by watching all of Enterprise and OS (both, by the way, are awesome!) I awaited the new movie with bated breath.
    I was expecting it to be good.

    But I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT good.

    I am far too young to remember the first release of the original Star Wars trilogy, but everyone who does always flag it up as a pivotal moment in their sci-fi/movie going lives. J.J. Abrams gave me that feeling for the first time in my 22 years.

    So, now I’m fully prepared to fill in all the countless holes of Star Trek knowledge I need and Trekcast seems like the perfect party host…

  • http://www.daytonward.com Dayton Ward

    Okay, my first real question is how I get the green chick to pose for the hot shot with my website URL tattooed on her hip, across the small of her back, or wherever…..

  • jerad.formby

    Hey Bobfather!

    Brilliant observation about we geeks and original Star Wars. We do keep hammering that stuff with the younger types. I’m glad that you finally got a movie that gave you that feeling…

    I think that’s the primary reason for all of the comparisons.

    Welcome aboard!


  • Mysterious Stranger

    My girlfriend Amanda is upset that you failed to identify her in that pic with Brandi T, David and Alicia. Even a “random Trekkie” would have been nice. It’s understandable that you might not know Amanda so I’ll forgive this one slight. But just a heads up that she might be gunning for you. If a cute girl in glasses and a I heart Trekkies shirt offers you oo-mox I’d pass… it might be her and she’s not fond of earlobes.