20th Mar2018

Trekcast Episode 172: The Post Disco Blues with Paddington

by David Ivy
Now that Disco is over, what to do? The TNG crew share some suggestions to help you get past the Funk. 
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20th Mar2018

Trekcast Episode 171: Disco Recap!

by David Ivy
The TNG crew recap season 1 of Disco and we have a special guest star, Sara Lynn Michener.  She’s been a guest before on Wired’s “Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy”.
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01st Mar2018

Trekcast Episode 170: Behold Jean-Nic Picard!

by David Ivy

Chad and Daniel try to pick up the slack while Dan recovers in sickbay. We talk Star Trek reality shows, debut Cuban Worf and catch-up on Disco. 

29th Jan2018

Trekcast Episode 169: Yippee ki yay!

by David Ivy

TrekCast TNG hitting you harder than a phaser on the maximum

08th Jan2018

Trekcast Episode 168: Subspace… Can you hear me now?

by David Ivy

In this episode Dan, Chad and Daniel react to the fan response to their new roles. They also talk Star Trek News, Star Trek Discovery, The Last Jedi and their hopes for the future of Trekcast TNG. Special guest introduction by George Takei.


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