18th Feb2014

Trekcast Episode 108: Star Trek: Into Discussion

Man, we are divided on this issue? Do you like Star Trek: Into Darkness? Darren Benjamin likes it and David Ivy doesn’t like it and that seems...

28th Jan2014

Trekcast Episode 107: Who’s weirder, Dax or Odo?

Whoa, did we nerd out this week? No topic planned, no show notes, nothing. Darren Benjamin and David Ivy just turned on the microphones and let the...

20th Jan2014

Trekcast Episode 106: Before Star Trek, there was nothing.

This week we delve into the Star Trek fandom and nerdom. Did Star Trek write the book on this level of fandom and why can we so passionate...

08th Jan2014

Trekcast Episode 105: Star Trek Reality Show?

What is the next, next generation of Star Trek going to be? A gig, deep, Game of Thrones style show with violence and thirty characters that is...

05th Dec2013

Trekcast Episode 104: What happens to the crew? Pt.2

Part two in our “what happened to the characters” after the shows. This episode we cover Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. David steps in Star Trek...

26th Nov2013

Trekcast Episode 103: What happens to the crew? Pt.1

  What happens to our heroes after the show stops airing? Does Riker become a baker? Does Spock become a door to door salesmen? We ask the...

14th Nov2013

Trekcast Episode 102: The Klingon Episodes!

We review all the Klingon episodes! Well at least the ones we remembered. ENTERPRISE: Broken Bow Affliction Divergence TOS: Errand of Mercy The Trouble with Tribbles Day...

11th Nov2013

Trekcast Supplemental Episode 33: How did you become a Trekkie?

Darren, Jeef and Paul learn about each other and their own bodies in this very special, coming of age episode of Trekcast. I just through up a...

06th Nov2013
Trerk ladies

Trekcast Episode 101: The Women of Star Trek!

Hot or not? Returning guest host Vernon Wilmer and David (Tommy) Ivy rate all the women of Star Trek throughout the years. Don’t fear, we also delve...

27th Sep2013

Trekcast Episode 100: A Long Strange Trip!

5 Years and 100 episodes. We’ve decided to read some email and answer the big Star Trek questions. What kind of series should come next, should there...